In a globally-coordinated press event, SAP announced the release of Business Suite on HANA. After the press event and some blogger roundtables with executives, Jon sat down with Harold Reiter and John Appleby to discuss reactions and concerns in the “JD-OD wrap.”

The guys riff on topics such as: What have we learned about pricing so far, and while we’re at it, have we learned enough? Did SAP success in articulating a business value beyond speed? What are the customer benefits of Business Suite on HANA? And what was the overall media reaction the event?

Show Notes

:45 Media reactions

2:04 Engineering accomplishments and improvements

2:40 Okay, the speed is faster…but at what cost?

3:28 On database migration and additional benefits

4:20 Industry-based solutions aren’t here – yet

5:09 HANA can support global transactions, but what about cloud?

6:23 How much will the HANA database platform cost?