The SAP Business Suite on HANA launch announcement and “presser” generated polarizing reactions. To get to the bottom of why there were such strong convictions pro and con, Dennis sat down with Brian Sommer and Ray Wang.

Amidst the conflicting opinions, the trio air concerns about the SAP’s whether the value to the business has been articulated. As Brian puts it, “I think there are new kinds of processes and business capabilities that can be enabled by this technology, but they either haven’t been developed yet, or customers can’t take advantage of them at this time.”

The guys also look around a few corners and predict what the future value of HANA-as-platform could bring to companies, and what SAP needs to do to get there.

0:54 Polarized opinions on launch

1:38 Understanding the business relevance of the Suite on HANA

2:48 Is the time of expanding on-prem ERP functionality in the past?

3:50 Potential value propositions

4:43 What’s required for SI’s to propagate these solutions?

5:45 Are businesses ready for the change?