Meeting modern cloud standards and making compliance information available to anyone are the motivations behind the announcement of a new SSA16/SOC I application. The extra certification provides customers with a compliance layer above and beyond the platform the company uses on, and is one of the first – if not the first – to build on top of’s existing certification.

While in San Francisco, Dennis paid an office visit to CEO Jeremy Roche to find out why customers asked for this functionality. As Jeremy puts it, customers wanted the application, development and support processes to be certified in the same way that the platform was.

Jeremy points out that compliance is really seen as a global standard now. Auditors take a 6-month look at his company’s product, including security measures, so these standards matter internally as well as to customers. Jeremy explains that customers can further check into the certifications by visiting, which features a transparent view of system status reports.

Show Notes

0:55 Why there is customer demand for greater certification

2:01 Certification has become a global standard now

3:10 Why build on top of’s certification?

4:05 Added certification simply builds upon the confidence and trust in Salesforce platform

6:20 provides certification info and system status

7:46 Helping CFOs sleep better at night