On the day of SAP’s Business Suite on HANA announcement, the JD-OD team was on location in Palo Alto – one of several global locations where simultaneous press conferences were coordinated.

After the Palo Alto presser and a small group blogger session, we caught up with SAP Executive Board Member Vishal Sikka to get his reactions to the milestone and the questions raised.

During the chat, Jon asked Vishal about a few pending issues, including pricing. (To this point, SAP has not offered specifics on Business Suite on HANA pricing, but has said that customers can expect pricing similar to other database options). Vishal also addresses Jon’s question about disruption, and how disruption can be seen very differently from a business or IT angle.

While maintaining that the move to HANA won’t disrupt customers, Vishal explains that IT will have to re-configure certain processes – like backup, recovery and archiving — and add at least some new hardware.

Vishal also expands upon the surprise announcement that other databases, such as Oracle and IBM’s DB2, will have opportunities to work with SAP on feature parity with HANA’s latest database enhancements.

Being a Business Suite on HANA event, there wasn’t much talk of HANA’s cloud potential, but Vishal does drop some interesting hints in this interview in response to Jon’s questions about HANA’s cloud relevance. Translation: “watch this space.”

Show Notes

0:36 Vishal explains that SAP’s “baby” can now handle the “world’s most complex business application”

1:06 Customers can re-invent business processes in real time, without headaches

2:02 All functionality available on all databases, with some aspects unique to HANA

2:50 Customers can expect typical database pricing

3:57 Users won’t be disrupted, but IT will have to re-configure processes and add hardware

6:00 With many SAP applications moving to the cloud, stay tuned for more news this spring