Bluewolf is a cloud-focused consulting firm with a different approach to process and technology implementation. At the Business Cloud Summit , Dennis had a chance to talk with Vera Loftis, Managing Director and CEO, about what makes Bluewolf different.

The two talk about the cloud-only approach to consulting that Bluewolf employs and how they works towards outcomes that benefit employees on the ground – and win over executive sponsors in the process.  Cloud consulting still means change management, in some cases moreso. Vera explains how Bluewolf handles it, without turning projects into bloated multi-year train wrecks.

0:43 How is Bluewolf different than the traditional consulting model?

1:15 A focus on outcomes – not putting out fires

2:05 A recent customer example

3:17 Working with client employees at the ground level

4:18 Making an impression on executive sponsors

5:03 The importance of “cloud-only” consulting

5:57 Coping with the speed of technological change

6:42 Overcoming objections to change