At SAPPHIRE Now Madrid, Vincent Santacroce of Poste Italiane stopped by the JD-OD studio to talk  about how Poste Itialiane was able use SAP’s mobile platform  to rollout out a last mile solution to postal workers in Italy.

As can be expected, there was some natural resistance to new technology from mail workers – Santacroce explains how that was overcome through close collaboration, and involving them in the rollout process.  He discusses how the 500 person pilot was eventually rolled out to 12,000 postal workers (and counting).

In any project of this magnitude there has to be an ROI. Santacroce was able to provide both “soft” and “hard” metrics, from increased job satisfaction to a 15 percent increase in first time delivery rates.  Santacroce also discusses Afaria ‘s capabilities and how it matched up with Poste Italiane’s requirements.

Show notes

0:30 Rollout strategy with postal workers

1:02 How did the postal workers respond?

1:51 From pilot to broader business case

2:40 Mobile impact on the daily lives of postal workers

3.33 Measuring the benefits on the ground – 15% improvement on mail delivery

4:48 How Afaria meets device management platform needs