With 8 SAP apps under their belt, Lithium Labs is rapidly becoming a veteran in mobile SAP development. To find out what they’ve learned about mobile SAP, the guys asked Lithium’s Paul Aschmann to swing by the JD-OD TechEd studio.

Paul filled us in on their latest app, Production Insight, which was an entry in the SAP mobile apps challenge. The app’s focus? Getting people away from their desks and out on the shop floor. Paul also shares why shop floor (production) apps like this one need to be mobile, and what role SAP’s NetWeaver Gateway played in the development of these apps.  We discuss what the Gateway team can do to reach out to more developers.

One interesting factoid: Paul doesn’t program in ABAP – at all. In this case he discusses working with Objective-C to build an SAP app for the iPad.

Show Notes

:47 Eight apps and counting – lessons learned so far

1:18 The role of NetWeaver Gateway

1:55 Getting more developers on board – what Gateway needs to do

3:21 An overview of Lithium Labs’ Mobile Challenge submission

4:10 Getting people on the shop floor with mobile apps

4:53 Building a native SAP iPad app with Objective-C

5:32 What’s next: Market prospects, mobile technology and SAP

6:15 Thoughts on winning a challenge versus getting the market

Demo video: Paul also walked us through a demo of his latest mobile SAP app, Production Insight:

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.