Without effective billing practices, no one gets paid.  At the 2012 Business Cloud Summit in London, Dennis sat down with Zuora CMO Brian Bell to talk about the subscription billing economy, and to discuss how the cloud is impacting billing services

Bell’s position is that companies are figuring out they can rent — or subscribe to — services they used to pay in lump sums to own. Bell talks about the advantages of this approach, as well as how Zuora’s subscription changes billing by focusing on customer retention.

The guys also dig into Zuora’s partnerships with data and metrics companies, and how better data can lead to better retention rates.

0:44 From a product-oriented to a service-oriented economy

2:09 Cloud changes the model from “buy it” to “subscribe to it”

2:58 Success now measured by lifetime relationship, not in units sold

4:35 Using historical data to improve customer retention