Supporting the food and catering industries means providing supplies in their freshest state. But there is the problem of serving a high volume of customers without becoming impersonal. New approaches to data – and giving customers more visibility into that data – can help.

To find out more, Dennis talked with Reynolds Catering Supplies about how they’ve achieved some of these goals with the M3 system from Infor. On site at Infor 2012, Dennis spends a few minutes each with CEO Tony Reynolds and Head of Business Systems, Richard Calder.

Reynolds wants to do business the way his grandfather did: Face-to-face for maximum customer support. With the sheer volume of customers he has, though, and with their needs increasing, Reynolds looked to Infor M3 to help him win the logistics wars.

Calder points out that, while M3 has performed very well so far, even more innovative solutions are needed. Sensor technologies, for instance, have potential but are still prone to error. And he says that there are still plenty of inefficiencies to eliminate, such as replacing handheld stock picking technology with hands-free, voice-activated devices.

:29 How M3 helps Reynolds Catering use data to create customer intimacy

2:03 Why businesses increasingly trust the data from Reynolds

3:01 Data solutions must keep up with complexity of demand

4:14 Sensor technology – promising, but poses new logistical challenges

5:53 ROI on using voice-activated picker technologies