At Sapphire Now Madrid, we caught up with SAP Mentor Jan Penninkhof of Phoqus to learn about building apps on the NetWeaver Cloud.

During a break from Innojam, Jan talked to us about Phoqus’ health care solutions and how cloud solutions are becoming relevant in that industry. And yes, he addresses the data security aspects.  Phoqus has built three health care apps on the SAP cloud. He shares the motivations behind these apps and gives his view on whether the SAP cloud is ready for serious development.

We also find out how the ABAP programmers at Phoqus can stay relevant in the cloud era and what skills are needed to build on the NetWeaver cloud.

Show Notes

:30 Why the cloud matters for health care

1:35 The big question: security in the cloud

2:37 Is the SAP Cloud ready for serious app building?

3:03 Phoqus’ cloud solutions for health care

3:51 Taking the apps to customers

4:13 How ABAP developers can move to cloud projects

5:11 Looking to a global future

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.