In 2012, Hillarys Blinds made the move from Windows Mobile to SAP mobility and Android solutions. At SAPPHIRE Now Madrid, Julian Bond, chief communications and technology officer at Hillarys Blinds, dropped by the JD-OD studio to give us the inside view on what happened.

Bond discusses the phasing out of Windows Mobile and how, despite encountering a steep learning curve, the changeover to developing an in-house Android app has provided a strong platform for future development.

Developing in-house was a priority for Hillarys Blinds. Bonds explains how they identified internal mobile requirements and built on the SUP platform. Neglecting users in development is always a danger;  Bond shares the lessons learned.

Show notes

0:45 Hillarys Blinds’ mobility efforts date back to 2004

1:07 The motivations behind the new Android app

2:20 Feedback from the field on the new app

2:50 Challenges faced when developing for the Android platform

3:18 Security and device management issues

4:08 Advice for customers in the prototyping stage