Vaillant has been using SAP BW on HANA for about 6 months now and the results have been interesting to say the least. On the last day of SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid, we sat down with Mamun Natour, Head of SAP BI for Vaillant, and got his view of BW on HANA after go-live.

This was our most significant HANA customer interview to date for two reasons: Natour has had time to run the post-go-live numbers and truly assess the value. Also: this was the first BW on HANA customer story we have done where the BW on HANA system is running not in parallel, but as THE go-to BW system.

Some of the noteworthy figures he shared with us: from 12 servers to 3, from 35 hours to just 1 hour of report processing time, and 80 million euros to the good. Listen in on our conversation with to find out just what these numbers mean and how they were able to achieve them. We also got Natour to give his views on ERP on HANA, surely to be a big topic of SAP market conversation in 2013.

Show Notes

:42 Working with SAP BW on HANA – Has it delivered?

2:11 Key differences include simplified structure and easier administration

3:04 Infrastructure benefits: From 12 to 3 servers

3:38 Better analytics and reporting: From 2 days to 1 hour

4:47 Reducing working capital by millions

5:19 Would Natour recommend HANA to other potential users?

6:14 Thoughts on ERP on HANA – Does he see Valliant using it down the road?