It’s always worthwhile to talk to a customer that has gone live on new SAP products, in this case SAP Sales OnDemand. Even better when that customer can articulate why the product stood out and how the value was actually measured. We got both in this interview with Rolf Schumann, General Manager, Rieber.

While talking with Jon about Sales OnDemand versus other CRM tools, Schumann gets into some very interesting issues regarding CRM user adoption. For Schumann, ease of use trumps perfect functionality every time. He provides examples on how Rieber measured higher level of adoption and productivity by the sales team after go-live.

Show Notes

.56 Rieber’s business model: kitchen infrastructure

1.26 Rieber needs CRM tools that salespeople actually like to use

2.13 Why Rieber chose SAP Sales OnDemand

3.40 Easy adoption matters more than functionality

5.55 The actual value gained by adopting Sales OnDemand

7.20 What are the right measures for CRM success?