We already posted a JD-OD video interview with Vishal Sikka, SAP Executive Board Member, fresh off of his SAP TechEd Las Vegas keynote and subsequent press conference. The first video covered Vishal’s vision on how HANA can change industries.

For this shoot (which was actually the first part of the conversation) Sikka talks to Dennis about what developers need to be thinking about. With his keynote announcements of the GA of NetWeaver Cloud and HANA on AWS, it was the right time for Sikka to reflect on his own roots as a developer in light of today’s enterprise challenges. As SAP talks about open platforms, it raises the bar on what developers will expect from SAP in terms of tools, access, and community. Sikka weighs in.

Show Notes

:40 Vishal on three things developers need to grapple with – #1: “we must do whatever we can for the end user”. Translation: better designs.

2:30 #2: In the enterprise software world, “disrupting landscapes is not an option.” We need do develop without increasing complexity.

3:05 #3: We need open, real-time platforms.

3:30 “Bring your own language” – what are the implications?

5:50 What is SAP doing to make it easier for developers to share code and shop talk in a community setting?