In what is sure to be one of the most debated (and famous) showdowns in DemoJam history, the youngest finalists in DemoJam history finished a close second at SAP TechEd Las Vegas. The three person team from Roberto Clemente Middle School included Angelo Castro (age 13) and Nikola Bura (age 11) on stage, with a third team member, Jordan Qassis (age 12), lending support from off stage.

The Roberto Clemente team presented an iPhone app called “Food Agent” – an app that scans quick response (QR) codes on grocery products, and then gives  consumers information on an item’s origin – such as warnings about radioactive avocados. The team was mentored by SAP Mentor John Astill, who is himself a DemoJam winner.

Prior to SAP TechEd, on the final day of InnoJam, John and Nikola stopped by the JD-OD studio with a few butterflies in the stomach to talk about Food Agent and what it would be like to compete in front of a huge audience.  Nikola pulls no punches with his rating of Java versus PHP and what Food Agent is all about. Dennis joins John and Nikola on the couch for a classic JD-OD interview.

Editor’s note: Food Agent was built on NetWeaver Cloud. After the shoot, Nikola told us he was able to teach himself how to program on that platform largely based on the documentation SAP provided.

Show Notes

:30 Food Agent – what the app is all about

1:50 John Astill on Nikola and his team of 9-14 year old coders

2:40 Nikola rates Java versus PHP

3:20 John on how Nikola and his team have evolved as coders

4:10 Teaching the next generation of coders – Nikola is up for it!

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.