Fresh off of his SAP TechEd Las Vegas keynote and subsequent press conference, Vishal Sikka, SAP Executive Board Member, stopped by the JD-OD studio to talk about all things HANA (and beyond). The end result? Two video shoots with Dennis on the impact on HANA, this one on Vishal’s favorite topic: the potential of HANA to solve vexing real world problems.

Vishal talks about two industry examples, health care and banking, and how SAP is going beyond what many would expect, including writing human genome sequences inside of HANA and collaborating with organizations from Japan to Germany to improve data processing times that could have a powerful impact on cancer treatment.

Show Notes

:30 HANA’s potential to improve cancer treatment: it can take 30 days or more to process human genome sequences. How SAP is collaborating with organizations across the global to tackle these problems.

3:10 2nd example: banking. 80 percent of indians don’t have a bank account – they need a digital identity. If HANA can help power the processing of millions of small banking transactions via SMS, that will have  a big result.

4:45 HANA startups are also addressing real world problems, and it’s not just a commercial motivation

6:00 Vishal: I will be disappointed if we don’t have 10 inspirational apps affecting 10 industries by next year at this time

6:20 What keeps Vishal up at night? Two things: the state of education and complexity. The launch of the HANA Academy is a response to a changing learning environment where conventional training and certification is not necessarily enough. Complexity: it’s difficult to mask complexity from the user in simple designs, but it has to be done.