Going from an idea to a HANA app to a (pending) live installation at Wired Magazine is a heck of a journey. During a recent trip to Palo Alto, Jon met up with Matthew Standish, Founder and CEO of IDInteract, to get the story on video. Matthew talks about how he learned about HANA and how IDInteract built a HANA app that integrates user information across touchpoints.

The business value of the app is discussed in terms of increased personalization, better analytics, and less spam (and failed approaches). Jon also talks with Matthew about how privacy concerns are addressed as the audience opts in. Jon also gets Matthew’s take on working with SAP and how he got involved with the HANA Startup Program.

Show Notes

:45 The challenge of integration user information across channels (including CRM, mobile, analytics)

1:24 How HANA can help pull in demand signals across disparate channels – leading to revenue

2:00 IDInteract’s first HANA app customer – Wired Magazine

2:50 How Wired will use IDInteract’s platform to improve ad personalization and analytics

3:40 Beyond spam – improving user personalization while managing privacy concerns

4:20 How easy is it to work with SAP?

5:00 Getting HANA up and running on Amazon

After the discussion, Standish showed us a live demo of IDInteract’s HANA-based solution:

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.