Commerce as a Service? Maybe for Apple or Amazon, but for enterprise vendors? Zach Nelson, CEO NetSuite talks to Dennis about enabling its ecommerce engine to be a platform upon which it is (relatively) easy to build the equivalent experience to what you get on the Apple AppStore or Amazon. The vision? “Headless commerce” – opening up APIs to any front end UI, whether it’s mobile –  or whatever’s next.

Show Notes

:20 The problem SuiteCommerce solves – by exposing operational systems directly to customers

1:30 Consumer expectations of ecommerce have escalated dramatically – an e-commerce web site no longer cuts it

3:10 It’s not just about mobile – why NetSuite changed its architecture to allow it to be exposed to multiple front ends and UIs

4:22 Transitioning from a commerce engine to a platform by opening up NetSuite’s cloud APIs

5:55 The goal – a “frictionless” commerce experience for the enterprise