Security has a whole different meaning on a post 9/11 world. Technical trends point to breakthroughs using predictive tactics to anticipate security breaches before they happen. Alert Enterprise, part of the HANA Startup Program, uses predictive analytics powered by HANA to help companies uncover anomalies in real-time that may lead to security breaches. To figure out how this works, Dennis headed to Alert Enterprise North American headquarters in Fremont, California and sat down with Pan Kamal, Alert Enterprise VP of Marketing.

Show Notes

:40 How security has changed in a post 9/11 world – we need to anticipate and prevent events before they happen.

2:10   “A more comprehensive view of risk”

3:00 Using HANA to identify anomalies via predictive techniques

4:00 Counting on HANA to flag security issues in real-time

5:00 Why HANA makes this solution more viable

Disclosure: This video is part of a project commissioned by SAP to amplify startup activity and developer innovation on HANA, mobile, and the SAP cloud.