There wasn’t a lot of PaaS or cloud developer talk at the Cloud Computing World Forum, London 2012, but CloudBees was an exception. In this video, Michael Goossen, VP of European Sales for CloudBees gives his view on why PaaS matters and why the adoption of cloud platforms by end customers has been sluggish compared to cloud infrastructure. Goossen also makes his case for why CloudBees matters and why customers might need a PaaS that isn’t tied to a vendor like SAP or

Show Notes

:44 Why CloudBees appeals to developers

1:45 What are the advantages of cloud development for IT shops?

3:48 Enterprise developers versus non-enterprise developers – skills transitions

6:16 Why was there so little PaaS at the Cloud Computing Forum?

8:20 Can existing vendors effectively add PaaS to their solutions?

9:15 Customizing legacy apps versus developing in the cloud – a big shift for customers