At the Cloud Computing World Forum, London 2012, Den sat down with JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist at to discuss the future of business in light of’s recent acquisitions. What started out as a discussion about’s moves to create a front office suite play quickly evolved into a discussion of the future of the networked business. At the top of Rangaswami’s mind were two ideas: reducing friction between companies and customers and shifting from “unit cost management” to “cost of change management”.  Forward-thinking companies are not waiting for the economy to improve to grow new markets.

Show Notes

:45 Is employing a front office suite strategy?

1:10 Reducing customer friction – the impact of networks

2:45 How will companies grow new markets?

3:30 Silos break down when networks are fostered

5:04 “‘Jackie in the corner’ is a lot more important than we used to think” – “Talent doesn’t scale unless you connect all the dots”

7:33 Moving from “unit cost management” to the “cost of change management” – why platforms matter