Long video warning – this runs 25 mins 20 secs (audio-only player and download below)

Late last week, Den recorded a conversation with Narinder Singh, co-founder Appirio in which Den asked four basic questions:

  1. What does it take to make the transition from on-premise to cloud consulting/implementation successful?
  2. What do you say to those who know the need for transition?
  3. How has the cloud changed the way you approach individual business implementations?
  4. What kind of talent do you need to attract to build a successful practice?

By way of follow up, Den and Jon Reed recorded the above video, noting what we see in the consulting ecosystems of large enterprise software vendors. Reference is made to SAP but this could be equally true for Oracle, Infor, Microsoft and others.

Show notes:

0:50 – Introducing the themes

1:49 – What popped out for Jon?

2:37 – How prepared are some of our colleagues?

3:52 – What does the learning curve look like?

5:42 – Cloud takes decisions away from IT

7:02 – The attention span problem

8:19 – What about the talent aspect?

9:45 – Comments from the Tweetstream

11:44 – To what extent do the functional consultants have what it takes?

13:03 – Example of a business led implementation

14:25 – What about customisations?

16:17 – How are SIs revenues impacted

18:52 – Is there an advantage from building a cloud practice from the gound up?

20:11 – Introducing the factory model of implementation

21:59 – What of the future? Have we seen the ‘firm of the future?’

23:23 – Love child?

24:13 – Quick close – more questions than answers

Bonus points: here’s the Narinder Singh video that started this discussion:

Audio player for Den/Jon discussion:

Download audio file