“Free SAP HANA developer licenses” – it’s a headline-worthy phrase. But what are the specifics? And what does SAP have to do next to make it easier for individuals (and partners) to develop apps? At SAPPHIRE Now 2012, the JD-OD team dug into those issues with Bernd-Uwe Pagel, SAP SVP, on-demand ecosystem.

Pagel confirms the key news (developers own their own IP, click-through licenses) but also expands upon how the model will work for trials, individual licenses, and a 2K Euro per year partner program – using mobile development as an example. Pagel also gives Jon a status on SAP apps store(s), and updates on plans for a unified online storefront.

Editor’s note: individual developers can get more info on building apps at developers.sap.com. Pagel also refers to the mobile development partner page, which is: sapmobileappspartnercenter.com.

Show Notes

:53 Free SAP developer licenses for HANA – IP issues resolved

1:53 Why SAP leadership changed the company’s risk profile to make this happen

2:37 Explaining the three tiers of involvement (trial, license, partner) – the mobile example

4:14 Is 2K Euros per year a fair price for mobile development partners?

4:37 What does SAP have to do next?

6:10 Pagel’s advice for individual SAP developers

7:05 An update on SAP’s online apps store offerings