SAPPHIRE Now may be a business-focused event, but the biggest news story might have been the free HANA developer licenses. For more background on the news, the JD-OD team caught up with Aiaz Kazi, Craig Cmehil, Juergen Schmerder and Thomas Grassl in two separate video shoots. In the Aiaz Kazi shoot (embedded above), Jon and John Appleby get the nutshell view on what these announcements mean for SAP developers. In the second shoot, Jon has a longer discussion with Craig, Juergen and Thomas that gives more context to the announcements and also covers what’s coming next for cloud, mobile and Gateway developers.

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Show Notes, Video #1

 :30 HANA on the Amazon cloud – licenses are free, developers pay only Amazon

1:17 How easy it the sign up process for developers – really?

2:35 Developers matter in today’s IT:  “We’re going back to our developer roots”

Video #2:  More developer news and context

Show Notes, Video #2:

:30 Why does developer engagement matter to SAP now more than it has in the past?

1:50 How did the free HANA developer licenses come about?

2:40 “Low cost to develop HANA applications”

4:05 IP and liability issues – “solved”

5:20 What’s next? CodeJam

7:15 The CodeJam Tel Aviv event – engaging non-SAP developers with Gateway

8:00 What’s next with mobility, cloud, and Gateway