SAPPHIRE Now was relatively slow from a hard news standpoint – unless you count the post-SAPPHIRE Ariba acquisition announcement. But not so for SAP BI, where there was plenty of news to digest, from the Visual Intelligence product news to the Predictive Analysis non-announcement.  Plus SAP was fresh off of its recent “Statement of Direction” (SOD) regarding its Dashboards and HTML 5 strategy.

To break down the news and understand customer reactions, Jon sat down with Mico Yuk the day after SAPPHIRE Now. In this two part video shoot, Jon and Mico get into a frank discussion about whether SAP is innovating in BI and where the question marks are in terms of pricing, roadmap, and product confusion.

Video for part one is embedded above.

Show Notes, Video #1:

:46 Does Mico like SAP Visual Intelligence?

1:20 Why do SAP customers need SAP Visual Intelligence?

2:23 How Visual Intelligence compares to competitors products

3:05 Where was “Predictive Analysis”?

4:50 What was the customer reaction to the BI announces?

6:15 The latest on “Project Zen”

8:00 HTML5 versus MoBI – the latest confusion

9:30 “The roadmap keeps changing”

10:50 SAP BI confusion versus customer confidence

Video Part 2:

Show Notes, Video #2:

:30  StreamWork-BI collaboration and pricing questions

3:00 Tensions between monetization and adoption

3:30 Is SAP Innovating in BI?

4:45 Looking toward the fall shows

5:10 The new SAP BI leadership