On the day of the HANA InnoJam Online finals, Jon caught up with Keytree’s  Nic Doodson and Will Powell, fresh in from their UK flight to compete in the finals. Nic and Will tell Jon about their “CEO Vision” project: combining HANA’s capabilities with augmented reality for a different kind of  app experience for C-level executives.  As the guys discuss, for C-level folks it’s not about  HANA but about ease of navigation, speed of information, and yes, some sex appeal.

Nic and Will jokingly compare their solution to the newly-announced Google Glass but also head into a realistic discussion about how next-generation UIs are having impact. The commercial possibilities of Keytree’s application are explored.

Editor’s note: Keytree went on to win the HANA Online InnoJam. The CEO Vision team will be demoing their solution at Sapphire Now Orlando.

:40 About the project – HANA with CEO appeal

1:20 A different kind of management dashboard

2:00 The sample scneario: real-time global sales data

2:27 Use case – drilling into real-time data with augmented reality tools

3:15 “HANA Inside” – CEOs don’t care about the tech, they care about  the results and the performance

3:38 The data: 35 gigs – 771 millions rows in a flat table.

4:45 Google Glass and 3D trends

5:35 Examples of extreme UIs

6:15 The technical guts of the project

6:53 Practical commercial applications

Disclosure: This is part of a project commissioned by SAP to surface innovation among the developer community