We always like to hear from customers. They provide the essential gut check for any technology and provide invaluable insights into what’s really happening on the ground.

In this conversation Den recorded with Camelot’s Allan Martin, business systems technical manager, we learn how HANA is changing the way the business looks at analysis and the opportunities it affords. For those that don’t know, Camelot is the UK’s National Lottery operator which is chartered with raising money for good causes.

Show notes:

0:33 – What is Camelot?

0:48 – What is Camelot looking for in its data?

1:16 – How difficult is the task?

1:58 – What is Camelot expecting from HANA and how is it being tested?

2:36 – What are the initial performance results?

3:06 – What are the current limitations?

4:10 – HANA takes all limitations away

5:01 – What kinds of new questions can be asked?

5:48 – How can we make business analysts more effective?

7:03 – What else can we do and how does it change the shape of business intelligence?

Disclosure: This is part of a project commissioned by SAP to surface innovation among the developer community