At the Australia Post, SAP Mentor John Moy has been putting the principles of better SAP UI design into action.  To get a live demo of what John’s team is working on, Den caught up with John at Mastering SAP Tech Australia. John shows Den a “before and after” with the old SAP UI facing off with the new UI John and his team designed.  The goal? Provide Australia Post customers with self-service capabilities with a UI that was appealing and intuitive. The project is set to be rolled out to 80,000 customers in the next month.

John also reveals the technical guts of the project (ABAP, jQuery, REST-based APIs). The guys discuss the pros and cons of custom development and whether there is a role for SAP productizing these kinds of apps.

Show Notes

:40 The project requirement – customer self-service (but not with the old UI)

1:30 The demo – “SAP like you’ve never seen before”

2:37 UI must be “walkup” interface – with no training required

3:34 Real-time data from the system of record

4:44 Skills needed to complete the project

5:30 Custom development pros and cons

6:30 Can the components be reused on other projects?

7:25 Should SAP productize this kind of app?

Disclosure: This is part of a project commissioned by SAP to surface innovation among the developer community