Ben Boeser  is part of an informally named group inside of SAP called (Project)  “AppHaus” which focuses on consumer apps and startup culture inside of SAP.  Jon sat down with Ben in Palo Alto to find out more about how this group is different from SAP as a whole (9o days to market app cycles, different physical spaces). Recalls Plus is one example of an AppHaus app on the market, Project Charitra is another.

Ben also speaks to how younger developers react to meeting his team and why consumerization is impacting SAP’s approach to development. Most of the AppHaus apps, such as Recalls Plus, run on HANA, and the team’s design thinking approach is reflected in their physical spaces, which, as Ben explains, tend to evoke a strong reaction.

Show Notes

:50 Startup culture at SAP?

2:10 The “90 days out the door” development rule

3:05 Live examples: Recalls Plus and Project Charitra

4:40 Taking consumer app lessons into the enterprise

6:00 The impact of consumerization

6:35 Unique physical spaces evoke strong reactions

7:52 Developers have to make a business case

9:10 Good code still matters, but you can’t hide behind it

Disclosure: This is part of a project commissioned by SAP to surface innovation among the developer community