Mobile is a hot topic and in this discussion, Allan Davies, Asia Pacific CIO, Dematic Pty Ltd duscusses his company’s approach to the topic in an Infor setting.

Show Notes

1:16 – What is the mobile story for Dematic? Security v BYOD

2:06 – How do we get these devices onto the network securely and add a business value?

3:12 – What do you want to know when in the field?

4:14 – Where are you up to now? ION enhances mobile and other applications

6:05 – We can’t hold it back, so we have to accomodate everyone’s needs

7:14 – How ION helps in this context, driving efficiency and process not necessarily transformational right now

9:06 – Extending process out onto a mobile device

9:14 – This will take a year to reach current goals