At the San Jose DKOM, March 2012, SAP announced support for BPC 10 on HANA (BPC on HANA is now in GA).  During the event, Jon caught up with Jens Koerner, Senior Director SAP Solution Adoption, SAP Labs, to find out what it took to get BPC out on HANA and what value it might have for customers.

Koerner also gets into some of the technical guts of BPC and the impact mobile requirements are having on BPC development. When pressed on the timeframe for the release of BPC-on-iPad, Koerner projected a “summertime” target. Koerner also explains what he means by the statement “you can’t kill the spreadsheet,” and how BPC on HANA intends to complement spreadsheets, not replace them.

Show Notes

:40 BPC on HANA – the announcement

1:25 How customers impacted the development of BPC on HANA

2:15 We already have BWA – why do we need BPC on HANA?

3:15 The technical innards of BPC

4:00 BPC on HANA mobile plans

5:10 “You can’t kill the spreadsheet”

7:00 BPC versus IP (Integrated Planning) – integration scenarios?

8:30 Value of BPC on HANA – customer use cases

10:00 The development timeline for the iPad version

Disclosure: This is part of a project commissioned by SAP to surface innovation among the developer community