At the San Jose DKOM, Jon Reed sat down with Thomas Jung to get his take on how to become an SAP HANA developer.  Thomas himself has come full circle. One of the early influential ABAP bloggers on SDN, Thomas is now blogging a HANA developer’s journal where he shares his own HANA learnings.

In his current role in HANA product management, Thomas is responsible for HANA developer tools, so he’s got firsthand knowledge on what’s coming down the pike. Thomas talks about the impact of these tools for SAP developers, and whether or not SAP developers will become irrelevant if they don’t learn them.  Thomas also shares practical steps for the aspiring HANA developer.

Show Notes

:58 Thomas’ current role at SAP

1:42 Why Thomas started a HANA developer’s journal

3:25 The tools HANA developers should be aware of

6:00 SAP developers:  change or become irrelevant?

7:15 How should “old school” ABAP developers approach HANA?

9:05 Don’t wait for your project to adopt new tools – get started

Disclosure: This is part of a project commissioned by SAP to surface innovation among the developer community