While on a jaunt to the Mastering SAP Technologies show in Australia, Dennis Howlett caught up with Graham Robinson of Yelcho Systems Consulting to get the origin story on his SAP workflow approval app 2-Cliks. Graham is a fixture on the SAP scene in Australia and a leading voice for aspiring SAP developers.

In this video, Graham shares how an urgent client workflow problem led to a solution which he eventually productized as 2-Cliks. Though the solution uses old school RFC protocols, there are major advantages, such as compatibility going back to version 4.6C and simple installation on virtually all mobile devices. And yes, it’s a cloud-hosted solution. Graham also demos 2-Cliks for Dennis and explains his pay-per-transaction pricing model.

Show Notes

:45 2-Cliks started with a solution to an urgent client Workflow problem

1:40 The solution transferred easily from desktop to mobile

2:06 Details on the cloud hosting and per-transaction pricing model

3:00 What about governance and security?

4:45 Graham demos 2-Cliks

7:40 Rapid installation and simple HTML customizations

8:35 Low impact RFC connections, backwards compatible to version 4.6C

Disclosure: This is part of a project commissioned by SAP to surface innovation among the developer community