On April 10, 2012, SAP updated its database and mobility strategies with a series of product announcements, already analyzed in a post by Dennis that Jon contributed to. But what the news mean to the aspiring SAP developer who has often found themselves  on the outside looking in?

The day after the announcement, Jon Reed sat down with Sanjay Poonen,  corporate officer at SAP now running go to market for mobility , to discuss what the announcements, including the new mobility partnerships, mean to SAP developers. Poonen also frankly addresses the problems SAP has had engaging SAP developers and what SAP plans to do about it. We have been promised another update at Sapphire Now Orlando to assess the progress, particularly around the notoriously sticky wicket of NetWeaver developer licenses, so stay tuned.

Editor’s note:  Dennis also filmed a video with SAP Mentors Graham Robinson and John Moy at Mastering SAP Technologies Australia that digs into their reactions after meeting with Sanjay Poonen there.

Show Notes

:40 “changes are coming”

2:44 How can SAP make the creation of mobility apps more “frictionless”?

4:12 One million SAP developers?

5:19 SAP’s new mobility development partnerships: opening up the platform

6:15 How can SAP solve the NetWeaver license conundrum?

7:20 Will this topic tie into the cloudy themes of Sapphire Now?

8:17 Mobility development it at a different pace – “we will get this right”