For the debut of our JD-OD “SAP Developer Heroes” series, Jon Reed talks with Leonardo De Araujo, SAP Mentor and VP, Beyond Technologies, about the keys to being an SAP developer in the mobile era. Filmed during the pre-DKOM InnoJam in Palo Alto, Leo discusses his team’s use of the Sybase Unwired Platform and HTML5 to design a prototype solution for an SAP booking application that drives employees crazy. Leo also talks about how he moved into development from the business side and what developers need to understand about business to be effective.  (Editor’s note: Leo’s team went on to win InnoJam and then to win the DKOM Demo Jam, becoming the first InnoJam winner to also win Demo Jam. Jon also shot a video with Leo after that victory.)

Show Notes

1:00 Leo’s advice for old school ABAP developers

2:30 Mobile development experiences with SUP and Gateway

3:17 Is mobility a priority for Leo’s SAP customers?

4:20 The mobile development approach of Leo’s Innojam team

5:10 How were users’ needs taken into account?

6:35 Why the business context matters

7:49 A new InnoJam structure:  start with user interviews and requirements gathering

Disclosure: This is part of a project commissioned by SAP to surface innovation among the developer community