On March 14, 2012, at the SAP DKOM (Developer Conference) San Jose, an InnoJam team won DemoJam for the first time.  The day after, Jon sat down with SAP Mentor and Beyond Technologies VP Leonardo De Araujo to find out the secrets to his team’s success, and how they were able to beat teams that had months to prepare.

The conversation leads into the role of design thinking, the importance of solving a genuine pain point, and how mobile development means throwing out old approaches and getting things done in weeks or even days, not months. The guys speculate on whether the app built by Leo’s team will be productized within SAP before wrapping with a view on whether DemoJam might need to be rethought with the InnoJam model in mind.

Show Notes

:30 How Leo’s team pulled it off

1:20 From concept to protoype in 24 hours

2:10 How design thinking factored in

3:16 SUP, HTML5, and whether the app might become productized inside SAP

4:26 Mobile development cycles are changing development, like it or nota

5:05 Is InnoJam the future of DemoJam?