With SAP Virtualization and Cloud Week on the horizon (April 17-19), Jon sat down with SAP’s Suresh Ramakrishnan in Palo Alto to get the latest on that event, as well as the HANA App Cloud and where his team stands on SAP developer engagement.  As part of Cloud Platform Marketing at SAP, Ramakrishnan also speaks to the purpose of JPaaS and discusses the next HANA cloud app on the release schedule, Sales and Operations Planning.

Show Notes

:30 Suresh’s role at SAP, latest updates on HANA App Cloud and LVM ramp-ups

1:23 Virtualization and cloud week  preview

1:50 What is the business relevance of the HANA App Cloud?

2:40 Future of HANA cloud apps, including Sales and Operations Planning

3:20 What is the value of JPaaS?

4:29 Who would develop on JPaaS? (Customers, partners, individuals?)

5:15 Where does Suresh stand on engaging the individual SAP developer?