During his last Palo Alto stint, Jon met up  with Amit Sinha, VP SAP HANA and HANA marketing lead,  to talk about how HANA is evolving beyond the initial “speed kills” messaging.  Sinha shares his views on why packaged HANA apps like the CO-PA Accelerator are a key to providing customer value and moving beyond the initial IT-centric “HANA is fast” conversation.

Sinha also provides customer use cases of the latest HANA approaches and gives a preview of the kinds of customer stories we can expect to see at Sapphire Now. The guys wrap the video with a look at the potential impact of StreamWork and collaboration on HANA (aka “Project Maui”) in the future of “real time business networks.”  Several screen shots are embedded into the conversation.

Show Notes

:34 HANA positioning in 2012 – more than “HANA is fast”?

1:40 HANA applications and their business value

3:05 Customer use cases

5:00 Sapphire Now – HANA preview

5:40 Future of HANA and StreamWork – Project Maui and real-time business networks

7:44 Biggest HANA challenges ahead