During Jon’s Palo Alto sit down with SAP’s Usman Sheikh, Usman had some important updates on the SAP store and why EcoHub will eventually head into the sunset as the SAP Store matures and the online SAP Stores are consolidated into one storefront.

Usman fielded a number of difficult questions, including the problem of Silverlight, the transition to HTML5, why Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) is required, and whether smaller developer shops and individual developers are included in SAP’s SAP Store vision. Usman also shares news on the store pipeline (200 + partner apps in the approval stages at the time of this filming), as well as SAP’s plans to release an HTML5 version of the store this spring. The video wraps with a preview of SAPPHIRE Now from the SAP Store angle.

Show Notes

SAP Store – recent results

2:10 SAP Store short term goals – improve useability and issue HTML5 version of the store

2:50 Why is the Sybase Unwired Platform required for SAP Store apps?

4:05 Are smaller developer shops included in SAP’s SAP Store plans?

5:20 Can HTML5 replace Silverlight going forward?

6:15 How will SAP consolidate its storefronts?

7:05 As SAP Store matures, EcoHub apps will be migrated to the SAP Store and EcoHub will head into the sunset

8:05 What can we look forward to with Sapphire and the SAP Store?