By the time we tracked him down at the SAP Influencer Summit, SAP Mentor Dick Hirsch had already written the most extensive analysis of SAP and Success Factors from a cloud architecture perspective.  SAP was legally bound to keep their silence on SuccessFactors at the Summit, but we were not.

So on the Thursday morning after the show, we sat down with Dick in JD-OD Park Plaza headquarters for a special JD-OD shoot to talk about his blog and what he learned at the show. The result was a free flowing conversation about possible SAP-SuccessFactors cloud architectures, as well as the technical and cultural challenges that lie ahead.

Show Notes

:45 How will SAP and SuccessFactor’s cloud architectures fit together?

2:10 SAP’s made progress on its PaaS architecture – will SuccessFactors wreak havoc on it?

3:22 How will SuccessFactors fit into SAP culturally and technically?

4:33 SaaS vendors approach partner development differently

6:06 SAP’s struggle to simplify its PaaS messaging

7:18 Why SAP blew up “core versus edge”

8:20 Predicting the post-acquisition outcomes

9:20 Did Dick change his views on this while at the Summit?

11:00 Grading SAP’s marketing around PaaS

12:20 “SAP couldn’t talk about SuccessFactors this week – but we did.”