During a trek to LeWeb 2011, Dennis tracked down Robert Scoble to hash out some recent controversies and find out if Scoble counted himself amongst the “enterprise is boring” crowd. Recently, Scoble  injected himself into the enterprise conversation with a video knocking a Workday expense application for ease of use issues. The end result was a fierce and, at its best, productive debate about whether the enterprise has something to learn from consumer tech about ease of use and UI design.

After some conference banter, Dennis digs into the Workday topic. Scoble’s responses are candid, leading the conversation into an analysis of Workday’s prospects in an enterprise market that has been heavily influenced by Scoble-type preoccupations such as iOS, mobile, and social.

Show Notes

:30 The enterprise vs. consumer tech divide

2:40 The money is coming from the enterprise

4:00 Scoble on Workday: “That got me in a lot of hot water”

6:10 Workday and enterprise complexities

8:40 TechCrunch fallout: was SAP’s acquisition of SuccessFactors “boring”?

10:25 Why Workday is a “sleeper” in the enterprise market

11:40 Mobile, iPad, Androids – from executive perk to fundamental shift