During the SAP Influencer Summit in Boston, Jon sat down with Ian McCulloch, COO of Nukotoys, to get the backstory on the Nukotoys cloud ERP evaluation process and how ByDesign came out on top.  The guys talked about Nukotoys’ startup ambitions, why they focused on cloud ERP solutions, and how ByDesign stacked up against NetSuite and Oracle’s SME offerings in their selection process.

Also covered: lessons learned from the seven week ByDesign implementation process with partner ERP Logic, and what Nukotoys is looking in future ByDesign enhancements.

Show Notes

:29 Nukotoys – “silicon Valley’s toy company”

1:05 “A true greenfield ERP implementation”

1:50 Why Nukotoys only looked at cloud ERP solutions

3:50 ByDesign versus NetSuite and Oracle – the Nukotoys evaluation

8:15 Lessons learned from the seven week ByD implementation

10:00 How can SAP take ByDesign to the next level?