Halfway through SAP Summit Day Two (“cloud day”), the usual suspects (Vijay, John, Jon and Den) gathered for a gut check on the ongoing conversations they’ve been pressing on developer engagement.  The guys lay out the issues SAP must tackle to move from “jam culture” to “app culture”, debating SAP’s coolness factor and ability to pull in outside developers.

Before they close, the four talk SuccessFactors and why it doesn’t solve these developer issues. There is also some discussion on cloud day, but a more complete discussion of day two is coming in a wrap video with Dick Hirsch (to be posted soon).

Show Notes

:40 What progress has made with developers?

1:55 Is 2012 the year of the developer for SAP, or is it 2013?

3:20 Breaking down the SAP developer issues

5:00 Is developing for SAP cool or uncool?

6:55 There’s a big difference between “jam culture” and “apps store culture”

8:30 Will large organizations buy from small development shops?

10:15 Developers are willing to share the risk – but they need access

10:50 Are SAP executives listening?

Don’t assume that SuccessFactors solves the problem

13:30 SAP needs middleware