After day one of the influencer summit, the usual suspects (Jon, Den, John and Vijay) gathered to make sense of day one and to talk about what would (and wouldn’t) say on day two, “cloud day.” The guys review the Snabe keynote and the points of controversy (such as SAP proclaiming the goal of being the #2 database vendor by 2015). They read between the lines on some cloud news, such as the future of Career OnDemand and ByDesign, and Dennis weighs in on the impact of the newly-announced Tibco partnership.

Show Notes

:40 Day one takeways

2:40 Is “the new SAP” gaining momentum?

3:15 The latest on Career OnDemand, ByDesign, and Business One

5:00 Can HANA revitalize the Business Suite?

6:18 Will a “bottom up” SME focus impact SAP’s approach to smaller development shops?

8:00  Dennis’ take on the Tibco partnership

9:45 “cloud day” predictions