To get a deeper look at’s developer communities and apps strategy, Dennis talked with Tim Barker, Director of EMEA Strategy with From the halls of LeWeb, Den and Tim talk about the 250,000 customer-built apps and 1,000 apps in the AppExchange. Tim also talks about the European outlook for in 2012 and why the mobile, social, and local themes of LeWeb have relevance to

Show Notes

:15 Tim’s role at

:35 Why is Salesforce at LeWeb?

1:25 What is the developer opportunity on the platform?

2:25  “Developers don’t want proprietary, vertically integrated stacks”

3:50 The role of Heroku for aspiring developers

4:15 The EMEA direction for 2012

6:55 The role of the Orange partnership

7:55 Why mobile, social and local matter in CRM