What if a simple thank you won’t do? How about a flash mob? Done. This short video documents the SAP community’s special surprise thanks to Marilyn Pratt during SAPPHIRE Now Madrid.

The premise was simple: get a bunch of folks wearing “What Would Marilyn Pratt Do?” to surprise Marilyn as a tribute during her expert lounge presentation on… community. The results were unscripted and memorable. The JD-OD team was on-site to document the moment with Dennis behind the camera.

The event was initially sparked by Ram Manohar Tiwari, or “rmtiwari” as we know him on Twitter, who suggested to Jan Penninkof to think about “What Would Marilyn Pratt Do?” before firing off an angry comment. Many SAP community members, including the JD-OD team, have been similarly inspired. Here’s the proof.