In a relaxed mood at JD-OD World Headquarters in Alcaudete, Den and Jon hit on the high points of SAPPHIRE Now Madrid with coffee (and tea) in hand.  Torn between giving SAP credit for its best show of the year and keeping the fire firmly lit underneath, the guys talk about what SAP got right and where the pitfalls lie.

Topics du jour include: can SAP scale the innovations we’ve seen, is BW on HANA a killer app, and where does SAP stand in terms of engaging developers from the “bottom up.” This video sets the stage for the upcoming Influencer Summit, where the JD-OD team will be re-united in a few short weeks in chilly Boston.

Show Notes

0:00 Why Madrid was better than expected

1:14  SAP and its “developer situation” – is it improving?

2:23 Train Race and Innojam had “fantastic innovation,” but customers need apps

3:48 SAP leadership rethinking top-down versus bottom-up approaches to engaging SAP developers

4:55 The HANA message was much more customer-focused and balanced, but can innovation scale?

6:17 Getting developers on board is NOT a marketing problem

7:42 Sustained dialogue wins, radio silence loses

9:25 Get the customers on stage and let them do their thing