Frank Scavo, CEO of Computer Economics, describes himself as a buyer advocate, analyzing the ERP market with the customers’ interests in mind. So what did he make of SAPPHIRE Now Madrid? Dennis caught up with him after day one to find out.

Frank gives his take on the viability of SAP’s mobility strategy and whether or not a SUP-focused approach will engage developers. He also reviews Snabe’s keynote and how it compared to the messaging in previous SAP shows.

Show Notes

0:00 Does SAP’s mobility platform strategy make sense?

1:35 Is developing on SUP realistic for engaging a broad range of developers?

2:30 How can SAP provide a deeper level of value to its customers?

3:49 The past and the present: revenue model transitions

4:55 Frank’s reaction to Jim Snabe’s keynote

6:15 Does Frank feel more comfortable with SAP’s customer message after Madrid?