Turns out Deloitte isn’t just one of SAP’s HANA partners, Deloitte is also a customer drinking SAP’s HANA champagne on internal projects. To find out more, Jon talked with Christopher Dinkel, IT Leader EAG Deloitte Services, about what Deloitte has done with HANA so far and the lessons learned.

Chris tells Jon about the Contacts and Influencer HANA project he presented on at SAPPHIRE Now Madrid and why, in this case, speed and data integration had a beneficial impact on customer service. Chris also talks about how Deloitte measures the success of HANA projects and what he is looking for next from SAP.

Show Notes

0:00 Deloitte is drinking SAP’s HANA champagne with its own internal HANA project

0:50 Why does BI matter to Deloitte’s IT department and in its customer relationships?

1:30 More on Deloitte’s first HANA project, the Contact and Influence Finder, which integrates all the associated touch points Deloitte has with customers.

2:14 How does the speed of the Contact and Influencer finder impact the business?

3:29 How does Deloitte measure the success of these initiatives?

4:00 Deloitte’s Crystal Reports project

4:45 What’s on Deloitte’s wish list for future HANA improvements from SAP?

5:35 Deloitte’s use of unstructured analytics with HANA

6:05 What Dinkel hopes to get out of SAPPHIRE Now Madrid