For the first-ever JDOD SAP StreamWork customer story, we talked with Oliver Feiliz, Key Account Manager with All for One. All for One is a Business Suite Customer, a Business ByDesign partner, and now a StreamWork customer.

Jon talks with Oliver about why they implemented StreamWork, what the benefits of the implementation were, and what All for One would like to see next from StreamWork.  Oliver raises Jon’s eyebrows with a StreamWork – Solution Manager integration scenario. The guys also talk about why integration with the Business Suite is a key value point for StreamWork going forward.

Show Notes

0:00 All for One’s many hats in the SAP ecosystem

:50 All for One’s challenges before implementing StreamWork – decision making for global teams, “death by email.”

2:00 Evaluting StreamWork versus Microsoft SharePoint

2:40 StreamWork scenario #1:  – Using StreamWork for ByDesign project management

3:15 StreamWork scenario #2: CRM-StreamWork integration

3:55 We’re working closely with SAP for integration with the Business Suite, working on the roadmap

4:30 StreamWork – Solution Manager – integration? What are the benefits?

5:45 How does All for One measure the success of StreamWork so far?

6:25 StreamWork wish list for SAP  – what All for One wants next from StreamWork